How to Call India

Hello and welcome to, where you’ll find a comprehensive guide to making phone calls to India from anywhere in the world.

We currently have instructions for dialling locations in the following regions of India:

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How to Call India

To make an international call to India you need to dial the following components:

International Call Prefix
To call abroad you usually need to dial a prefix that depends on the country you’re calling from. For example, when calling from the United States you need to dial 011, and for many other countries you would dial 00. Wikipedia has a handy list of international call prefixes.
Country Code
Next you need to indicate the country you’re calling to. For India you would dial 91.
STD Code
Towns, cities, and other locations are often assigned a unique “area code” you need to dial to call phones there. When calling from outside India make sure you remove any leading 0’s.
Phone Number
Finally, dial the local number for the person you’re trying to call.